In the spirit of the new year, and our aim to make this year so much easier for everyone… We are simplifying and expanding our service offering all in one go. In a sense, reintroducing what we always used to do.. come to you!

We will now come to you to get your car tuned.

ECU Tunes upto stage 2

We will also be able to fit minor hardware upgrades such as BOV, Intakes, Coil Packs and Spark Plugs.

When you see 00SEXY coming… get ready to be delivered POWER!


Contact us for more information and to make your booking today.




We have something special lined up for our F Series BMW fans.

We have some exciting news. A simpler, more effective and efficient tuning process with all the bells and whistles of our CPI Custom Mapping.

No more reliance on plug in systems, messy wiring, opening ECU’s or hand held devices that are using maps that every single car is using.

Our CPI Custom Tune is for YOUR car.

We are looking for the following F Series cars to get on the dyno and custom tune. With a HUGE Discount.
– F80 M3
– F20 M135i
– F87 M2
– F82 M4

Will include Before and After Dyno and data logging.

First come, best dressed for these 4 customers. 50% off the entire tune including the dyno.

RRP: $1880.00
Your Price: $940.00

Email us :
Call: 02 96011328