We want to TUNE your car…!

CPI Performance Innovation has been in the game for the last 15 years. Our professional software engineer, Myan Moodley, is one of the top tuning specialists in the world. Our expertise spans across all makes and models. Software tuning is a fine art that we have mastered.

The Australasian office was established in 2014 as a hub for research and development as well as a sales and support office. With the support of our dealers we have developed software suited to the Australian climate and our local grades of fuel.

Our specialty is in custom tuning. All our calibration changes are made to the original file that was loaded to the vehicle. This more boutique service means that every pieces of software has been run under Myan Moodley’s eyes before it has been uploaded. We have the flexibility to work with all types of modifications and are not locked down into predefined stages.

Our tag line is “Playtime is Over” and we work by this. When we work on a vehicle we know that the final outcome will be unmatched. We challenge our competitors to keep up. When you select CPI to work on the calibrations in your vehicles software then Playtime is, well and truly, Over. CPI means business.

CPI Tuning Australia has an incredibly flexible portfolio. We are able to use many different tools and tuning processes to ensure that our portfolio is and remains one of the largest out there. If you have a vehicle, it is almost guaranteed that we will have a way to tune it